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Engineers Circle Gampaha is a forum for Engineers to share their experiences and enhance the relationships among the fellow Engineers towards the betterment of society

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30th, 31st July 2016

Dear all ECG Members
Please get ready for Fund Raising Activity -ECG present exceptional art and music anthology “Gee Ranga Soba new face” at Gampaha Sumedha Hall on 24 Septeber 2016l

Please support for Ads in Souvenir (14 Sept 2016) and sell Ticket books.
At least participate to see this exceptional art and music anthology with your whole family and neighbors on 24th September 2016.
You can get the tickets by contacting Treasurer Eng. Pemaratne, 071 277 4727, sooriya@sltnet.lk

For more details please contact

Secretary: Eng.Kalum Weearawardhana 077 741 0016
Treasurer: Eng. Pemaratne, 071 277 4727
OR any current committee member



Upcoming Events

Saturday, 30th & Sunday 31st July 2016

  1. 24-09-2016 –Fund Raising Activity -Present exceptional art and music anthology “Gee Ranga Soba Advanced” at Gampaha Sumedha Hall

All members are requested keep these dates are free and active participation with the family& neighbors to success these events.

Kindly contact
Secretary 077 741 0016
President 071 871 4441
Treasurer 071 277 4727